The landscape as an asset

Ghent 20 km

Geraardsbergen 20 km

Oudenaarde 21 km

Quiet and peaceful


Looking for a quiet and peaceful place to stay? Empty your mind and try to discover the small village of Balegem on the map. You’ll find it at 20 km from Ghent, 21 km from Oudenaarde and 25 km from Aalst, in the middle of the “Land van Rode” and only a stone’s throw away from the Zwalm region and the Flemish Ardennes.


The farm distillery Van Damme is nested in the Issegem neighbourhood. In the vicinity you will find cosy restaurants and pubs, lots of peace, a rural environment and a centuries-old lime with chapel.


Walking, Cycling and Horse Riding


Walking and cycling through the landscape is the natural thing to do in Balegem. On peaceful tracks, through rolling fields and vast landscapes with horses, cows and sheep, past picturesque villages such as Landskouter, Dikkele, Munte, …


Further ahead you’ll be braving the cobbled roads and the hills of the Tour of Flanders: the Paddestraat (7 km), the Molenberg (14 km), the Muur of Geraardsbergen (21 km), the Koppenberg (25 km),...


Oosterzele is famous for its mills, with both working and run-down wind and water mills. Moreover, Balegem is internationally renowned for its sandstone and decorates many facades of city halls and cathedrals.


In Moortsele, the Erfgoedhuis (Heritage house) with its dream of a garden is a must-see and in Landskouter you will be surprised by the beauty of the church. Gijzenzele played cat and mouse with the German troops during the second World War and in Scheldewindeke you’ll find remains of a German airfield from the first World War. You will not get bored at the Distillery: both fascinating and restful.